Where are you from?

I am from Colombia

What and where are you studying in Brisbane?

I study English in TAFE

 What do you identify as? (LGBTQI)

I am gay


Is Brisbane a queer friendly place?

Brisbane is queer friendly and I can feel free here.


Is it important to have a QUEER space?

It is very important to have a queer space to talk, share, learn and most of all support the LGBTQI community


What is the best thing about being QUEER?

See the world differently and keep thinking that love is love


What other QUEER things would you like to see in Brisbane?

More places and spaces to share and learn about the LGBTIQ community as events, festivals, bbqueers…


What does the Rainbow Hub mean to you?

 Is a good idea and a perfect hub to feel good an know good people


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