Where are you from?

I’m from Milan-Italy

What and where are you studying in Brisbane?

I’m studying IELTS in Navitas

What do you identify as? (LGBTQI)

I identify myself as a Lesbian

Is Brisbane a queer friendly place?

In my opinion and for my personal experience in the city, I think that Brisbane is a queer friendly place.

Is it important to have a QUEER space?

I think that having a queer safe space is very important in every city and every country and not just for LGBTQI but it is also important for the whole community because the differences are what makes each one special.

What is the best thing about being QUEER?

The best thing about being QUEER is that you kill any prejudice and you are open to everything and everyone

What other QUEER things would you like to see in Brisbane?

I think Brisbane is at a good point.

Β What does the Rainbow Hub mean to you?

The Rainbow Hub is a meeting point for a lot of people from different countries. It’s a point where you can share your opinion and your experience and you can be sure to be understood without being criticized.

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