Where are you from?

My name is Deeann Huang. I am from the countryside in the southwest of Taiwan.

What and where are you studying in Brisbane?

I just finished a Master Degree of Public Health at the University of Queensland in June, 2018.

What do you identify as? (LGBTQI)

I identified myself as a lesbian. I like to dress like a tomboy, but I am not a transgender. There is no desire for me to change my gender. I only prefer to dress up neutrally.

Is Brisbane a queer friendly place?

I think Brisbane is a queer friendly city for sure. People in the LGBTIQ community are welcomed by the public. The local government supports queers by holding LGBTIQ related events annually. There are many bars and restaurants, which focus on the rainbow society. The attitude towards gay people in this city is open and accepted. It is hard to find any limitation for gay people not to present themselves. In other words, Brisbane city is a safe place for gay people to express their differences. There is nothing to worry about being a gay in Brisbane City.

Is it important to have a QUEER space?

To have a queer space is important not only for LGBTIQ people but also crucial for others who are not in this society. A queer place could specifically provide services for gay people to assist issues in their life such as education, finance, relationships, mental and physical health, and employment. It might be a suitable place for people, who are outside of the rainbow society, to see, to learn and to understand LGBTIQ society. A queer place may play a vital role between different sexual orientation societies.

What is the best thing about being QUEER?

To be honest, I do not think there is a best thing about being queer. It is because that there should not be any privilege for LGBTIQ community. I would like to live equally with straight people. Thus, being queer is no different than being heterosexual, being a male or a female.

What other QUEER things would you like to see in Brisbane?

It is hard for me to think about β€˜queer’ thing. I do not think there is a proper definition for β€˜queer thing’ because I think that gay people are as equal as other straight people. However, if being sporty is a queer thing, I would like to see more outdoor activities for queers being held in Brisbane. It would be great for gay people to make new friends and to visit different places in Brisbane City like rock climbing, kayaking, jogging and hiking.

What does the Rainbow Hub mean to you?

Rainbow Hub is a place where I can learn and share from others. International students are from different countries with various background and stories. When it comes to an issue in my life, Rainbow Hub is a good place for me to ask for help and to learn from different perspectives to solve my problems. In addition, I am also happy to share my own life experience to other gay friends and I hope that my story could help them as w

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