For those who are living in a straight cage, the Melt Beauty Pageant is a competition that celebrates the magnificent queer beauty with its own version of RuPaul’s Drag Race (Miss Vanjie). The Pageant, which is hosted by the hilarious Drag Queen Miss Tina Bikki, is divided in three categories: Graceful Glamourzons, Tremendous Talent and Costume with a message so you can expect a competition that is as much gay as a unicorn throwing up rainbows during a sunny day in a San Francisco’s beach.

The event had the honor to have my colorful presence in the 2018 edition and I am going to tell you everything about it! However, I might forget some detais about that night because I drank one or ten glasses of wine… Whatever, let’s get straight (I mean…gay) to the point! Start your engines and may the best queer win!

As soon as I arrived at the Power House I was so thrilled by the whole decoration that I felt like a young gay boy trying out his mother’s high heels for the first time. At the entrance, there was a stunning rainbow long carpet capable to make you feel walking along a queer runway.

(Bitch, I’m Alex)

After my Gisele moment, I headed directly to the Power House hall and the internal decoration was absolutely stunning as well. There were rainbows flags spread throughout the walls, people gossiping while holding their glasses of Chandon and an eye-catching stare decorated with the rainbow colors, which you can check below:

(Of course, this photo was taken in a different day. I just put it here to show how stylish we are … I mean, to illustrate the rainbow stair)

After a time talking with the high society of Brisbane, we were requested to go to the Beauty Pageant room. I was sat in a very good table (Brazilian VIP, baby) so I was able see everything perfectly. First, the amazing and Funny Miss Tina Bikki, dressed in a marvelous purple dress, invited the four competitors, which were 3 drag queens and 1 drag king, to the stage to be part of a choreography challenge known as Graceful Glamazon. We found ourselves gripped by their amazing and well-performed choreography!

Later the queens began the second part of the competition, the Tremendous Talent! Here the participants were requested to show their special talent such as dancing, acting, singing, remembering all the queen’s name of the 10 seasons of RuPaul’s drag race, etc. The final challenge was Costume with a message which allowed the competitor to criticize something of our society though their drag art. This challenge was extremely special for me since that proves that drag art it’s not just about dressing up as a character but also to live this character and use it as a form of resistance against the straight world and homophobia.

At the end of the Beuty Pageant, the four queens received very positive critics from the judges because of their amazing and consist performance. However, the great winner of the night was the stunning drag star Gayleen Tuckwood, which received a prize of 1.000 dollars from Melt! Now she can pay both Grindr and Hornet premium accounts until the end of her life.

(Shantay you stay)

She so deserved it! But for me all people who do drag art should receive prizes every day because of their contribution for the fight against homophobia and sexism.

After that we went home to eat cookies and drink tea…Of course, not! We are Rainbow hub and we party hard, bitch! We attended the MELT After Dark Party, which was basically a night club with gay music, queers having fun and free drinks (yes, the paradise must be like this). We had such a great time! After a couple of drinks, I performed “I wanna dance with somebody” feat Louise, sang as Alicia keys with my heart and soul and I took a photo with a huge teddy bear (I’m serious):

(And the gay oscar goes to…)

This is one of the greatest experiences that Rainbow Hub has provided me so far! If you have a chance, go to the next MELT! I assure that it worth since you can express yourself and also learn a lot from the attractions (and you might drink for free as well hehe).


Xoxo! Alex

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