Sometimes, it takes some fabulous glittery talented queer time travellers to remind us of how is everything going to be OK in the future.

The Rainbow Hub went full Monty on this incredible and energetic ride that was CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, and our thoughts about how it was and how it moved us you can read further in the post. 😉

BRIEFS: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS is a futuristic cabaret carefully covered with a well-thought humour layer – and deliberately stripped from all layers of clothes. As a circus/burlesque show hosted by a drag queen and performed by gorgeous men in only, well, briefs, we found ourselves dazzled by every single routine that happened on the stage, shouting and applauding even in the in-between when pretty much nothing was happening but a change in the scenery.

From just one juggler doing his act (while stripping, of course) to a dancer performing contortionism inside of a birdcage suspended in the air while a powerful song plays (it’s called Human, by Sevdaliza for the enthusiasts), the spectacle keeps you immersed from beginning to end. The interaction comes naturally as well: you play with the host and answer her questions, protest when encouraged to and reflect when required. There wasn’t a single person in the whole audience who did not raise their right hand and said jealous when and how she asked us to – and to be honest, this is something I still do with my friends. And since we’re talking about interaction: one lucky girl was chosen to be a part of the show and, as expected, we were all jealous when the performers offered her a lap dance… So if you ever go see BRIEFS, do not – I repeat: DO NOT – forget to apply to it and test your luck.


However more than a strip comedy dance show, BRIEFS is also a political manifestation of our worries in such sad times when being an LGBTI+ person is still an excuse for prejudice. Even though we have walked a long path so far, performances like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS are indispensable to remind and encourage us to stay on track and not give up hope; to queer up, own our pride and fight for the right to be whoever we want to be because otherwise, nothing will change. Having modern dances and circus acts specially created for the LGBTI+ audience and filled with powerful context makes us reflect on the importance of dedicating more time and attention to what are the messages we propagate with our actions and if we are militating enough to reach the future we so long on reaching.


Because, as said so many times during BRIEFS, the future is bright and brilliant and everything is going to be ok. But  just as long as we keep walking towards it.

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